Love it or fear it, social media is a powerful communication tool which is here to stay - but it requires a great deal of care and attention.

New developments mean the rules are rewritten each day as to how best to connect with your audiences online. We make it our job to stay on the cutting edge when it comes to understanding and effectively using emerging and established social media on behalf of our clients.

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social media strategy

mela will devise a social media strategy for your business or organisation to ensure that you use the tools available as effectively as possible - to share the right messages in the right way; to successfully engage and interact with your target audiences and to help you achieve your business objectives and goals.

social media management

Once your social media strategy is in place, mela will bring it to life by offering a comprehensive social media management service incorporating content creation and delivery, engagement with followers, audience building and ongoing social monitoring. 

Of course we do all of the above bilingually, carefully adapting messages to engage and connect with both English and Welsh language audiences. 

social media training

We also provide bespoke training courses designed to help individuals and organisations understand how to use social media effectively. Whether you're a social media novice or just need to brush up on your skills, we can provide tips and advice on everything from creating a profile to building an audience to creating great, shareable content.

Each training course is specifically tailored to you or your organisation's needs to make sure you and your team get the very most out of it.