strategic communications

When it comes to comms, creativity and strategy are required in equal measure – mela will always make effective and creative use of all the communciations tools available to help you and your organisation on your way to achieving business goals. In short, we‘re a team of creative hearts with strategic minds.  

crisis communications

In today's interconnected age it only takes a tweet for a drama to turn into a crisis.

With our combined background in journalism and politics, we have a deep understanding of crisis management and the mistakes that are too often made by businesses and organisations when caught in the glare of the public, media or political spotlight.

mela won't just help you deal with major issues when they arise - our approach is to plan ahead and work with you to ensure that you're prepared in advance. But should the worst happen, it's comforting to know we can be there to guide and support you through it and help minimise the long term impact.

internal communications

Whatever your business, keeping your staff informed and involved should be a primary task. Only by telling them what's going on and engaging with them can you expect your teams to be at their most productive, work efficiently and adapt to changes.

We can help you create and maintain a sense of community and cohesion amongst your staff by running communications workshops for leadership teams, one-to-one coaching, internal mailshots, internal events as well as generating content for your intranet.

executive support

Every business or organisation needs a human face. But it can be stressful to be that public face in a world of constant media and instant sound bites - with such scrutiny, it is essential the messages you give are consistent and fluent.

mela will help you and your company's executives perform confidently in public through offering support with speech writing, presentation skills and speech preparation.

We can also help you be more comfortable and open with the media by preparing you for press interviews and coaching for improved performance when delivering key messages to the media, key stakeholders and the public.

public engagement

Whatever the nature of your work there are times when it impacts directly on the lives of ordinary citizens.

mela has the skills to ensure you can be more in touch with the public, maintain a close relationship with them and truly give people a bigger say.

We won't just help with newsletters and direct marketing, we can arrange focus groups, set up public meetings and carry out polling and surveys, everything to ensure that you operate in a transparent and accountable manner.

public affairs

Building alliances with key stakeholders, engaging with politicians at every level, activating community support and most of all having your voice heard - these are all key objectives for many businesses and organisations.

With decades of experience in the political worlds of Westminster, Cardiff Bay and Brussels, the team at mela has the skills and contacts needed to help connect you with your key audiences and help them understand the work you do.

We can make sure you understand and stay ahead of public policy changes affecting your sector - by your local council, the UK Government or the devolved Governments in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. We can help you have your say on those changes and help others understand what it may mean to your work and the people you work with.