Bible Society Christmas Booklet and Video


what we did

Bible Society asked mela to create a Welsh-language adaption of their 2017 Christmas booklet and accompanying resources.

how we did it

The original English-language version contains a particular rhyme metre that we wanted to emulate in Welsh. After a long creative session bouncing around ideas, our first draft was complete. We shared our draft with primary school teachers for their feedback before settling on the final version of the script for the booklet and video.

We worked with Bible Society's designers to ensure all of the copy sat appropriately within the booklet and accompanying video. We then used the copy as a basis for a 'Pop-up Nativity' resource for primary and Sunday schools.


The booklet is now available to buy on Bible Society's website and all the accompanying resources are available to download free of charge. 

You can watch the video for Y Daith Orau Erioed below:

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