Football Association of Wales - Annual Report

annual report

what we did

mela was asked to work with the FAW to produce their first ever annual report in 2015. Following the success of that report we have produced their annual report ever since. 

how we did it

Working closely with the FAW’s Public Affairs and Marketing departments, mela devised and developed an overall concept for the report incorporating key topics and themes, its tone of voice and look and feel. We then called on design agency Departures to lead on the design elements, while mela led on content production, copywriting and project management.

Every report had a different theme:

2015 - The Welsh Football Family

2016 - Together Stronger

2017 - Showcasing Welsh Football to the World

We liaised with various departments within the FAW as well as partner organisations to gather relevant content and imagery before producing a fully bilingual transcript for the report. We worked closely with Departures throughout the design process to ensure that key characteristics and messages within the copy were reflected in the report’s visual appearance.

In addition to the report itself we produced a series of social media cards and messages to promote the document via the FAW’s social media channels following its launch.


Every year the report has been distributed to all FAW sponsors, stakeholders and partner organisations and clubs as well as key figures at FIFA and UEFA. Welsh sports journalists have referenced the reports positively on social media and the Welsh Language Commissioner has praised the FAW for producing a high quality bilingual document. 

The report has also received a good deal of social media attention, with posts linking through to a digital version gaining a reach of over 186,000 and over 6,600 engagements.  


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