Hybu Cig Cymru (Meat Promotion Wales)

Digital Communications Campaign

What we did

Mela was asked to develop Hybu Cig Cymru’s (HCC) reputation within the industry as an authority for the red meat sector in Wales and to develop by engaging and leading website traffic.

How we did it

As employees in the food industry receive information through different mediums, we decided to use a wide range of platforms. Mela adapted HCC’s website and copy to better display the most useful and informative sections of the website to facilitate the target audience’s experience.

Mela developed two e-letters for the industry and for politicians, 'Pori' and 'Red Meat Matters' including the latest news for all levels of the industry and leading to the website for more information. Mela co-managed social media platforms with HCC’s communication team using digital management systems in order to engage with the industry on social media. Mela also produced a number of videos for YouTube channel HCC sharing experiences of major industry events.


Followers and subscribers on all mediums increased significantly, with the website receiving high traffic thanks to social media engagement and a successful e-letter.

Here's a video produced by Mela:

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