Literature Wales

marketing & pr strategy, executive support

"Through working closely with our own internal team, mela has developed a clear understanding and empathy of how we operate internally as well as our relations with external stakeholders. Its directors have an instinctive understanding of the political climate and policy which can strategically affect the way we work and the work that we do. The team at mela has always been very supportive and at hand when required”.  
Lleucu Siencyn, Chief Executive, Literature Wales

Literature Wales is the national company responsible for developing and promoting literature. 

what we did

mela was called in to review the organisation's existing marketing and communications strategy and to advise on and support the introduction of a new strategy.

how we did it

mela undertook an extensive evaluation of Literature Wales’ current marketing and communications activity in order to identify strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement.

Based on this we worked with the company's Marketing Manager to produce a new strategy incorporating digital and non-digital marketing communications channels, press and media and other available outlets. 

In addition to this we produced a Social Media Handbook to provide guidance to all staff on the use of the organisation's social media channels. We also carried out a skills survey in order to identify training gaps within the communications team and provided guidance and support on how to fill these.


Literature Wales' Marketing and Communications Strategy and Social Media Guidelines are now in place and we advised and supported Literature Wales as they moved to adopt these.

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