mela-mix - A Week of Engaging Content (Edition 36)

This is the digital content that's caught our eye recently. Two pieces of sensitive storytelling and a cheeky shock campaign... 

ASDinfo’s #canyouseeme scheme 

ASDinfo Wales has launched a poignant campaign during Autism Awareness week. The bilingual scheme titled ‘Can you see me?’ is working towards promoting acceptance in communities throughout Wales by improving facilities and reducing the stigma that many individuals with autism experience. This sensitive piece of storytelling depicts individuals with autism – children and adults- exercising, socialising and living their lives. 

Vicks: Generation of care #TouchOfCare 

Vicks has launched a touching campaign in India challenging our preconceptions of a stereotypical family. The fact that it is based on a true story means we, as viewers, feel even more connected with the protagonist, Gauri, a transgender woman taking care of an orphan girl whilst facing stigma within society for her way of life. Vicks makes a stand in this powerful campaign that care is the ultimate meaning of family – this goes beyond biology and stereotype – and leaves us all teary eyed. 

Testicular Cancer New Zealand launches #Goballsout campaign 

Testicular Cancer New Zealand's cheeky and hilarious #goballsout campaign has created quite a stir on the internet. Released to coincide with Testicular Cancer Awareness Month the campaign is asking people to go for a run, walk or even a drive with their GPS trackers on to form a symbolic image and then share the screenshot on social media. The shock campaign is aimed at raising awareness of testicular cancer and get people talking. It certainly has!

That's all the digitial content we have time for this week! If you think we've missed something that deserves a place on an upcoming edition of Mela Mix, tweet us @melacymru to let us know!

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